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Zairon-Pyr War
Ishida Tetsuda gallery 001


Before Amnesia - Present




Zairon Principality of Zairon

Republic of Pyr


Zairon Ishida Tetsuda
Zairon Akita
Zairon Ryo Tetsudo (before desertion)

Pyr Commander


Zairon Zairon fleet

Pyrian Armada


3 fleet Destroyers
48 Fighters
> 26,000 civilians and military personnel



The Zairon-Pyr War is an ongoing conflict between the Principality of Zairon and the Republic of Pyr.



Commander Akita lost a fight against the Pyrians. In the battle, Akita's fleet was led into a trap by the Pyrian's armada and suffered heavy losses. Three destroyers and forty-eight fighters where destroyed, resulting in over twenty-six thousand lives lost. Prince Ryo took the blame to spare Akita's life.


Since the death of the Emperor, Pyr and Zairon continue to remain on war footing. In response to the stand off, several Multi-Corps have even had to resort to sending their Destroyer ships to safeguard transit passages. The Galactic Authority would offer humanitarian aid to refuges that are fleeing the area but stated that since the problems where "a regional conflict between two independent territories" they could not bring in military involvement.

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