The Marauder
Information Shuttle
Seasons Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
First Seen Episode One
Last Seen Episode Twenty-Eight

The Marauder is a shuttle seen in Season 1, 2, 3 of Dark Matter.


The Marauder is the Raza's shuttle; a "Phantom" class shuttle with two crew stations and four passenger seats in a single cabin interior. Space for cargo is available directly to the rear of the passengers, and entrance and egress to the craft is through this storage space.

The Marauder is designed for both atmospheric flight, and travel in the airless vacuum of space. It is primarily used as transport for the crew of the Raza to reach a planet's surface from the Raza in high orbit.

Despite his memory loss, Kal Varrik retains an intuitive grasp of the Marauder's controls and serves as its pilot.

Appearances Edit


Also known as the Phantom Class Marauder.

Gallery Edit


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