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Information Station
Seasons Season 2
First Seen Episode Twenty
Last Seen Episode Twenty-One

Regulus-12 is a station that appears in Season 2 of Dark Matter.


Regulus-12 is the home of Tabor Calchek [1] and Perelandra Jones.

In Episode Twenty, the Raza crew comes to Regulus-12 to take Tabor and have him aid them in the finding of Alicia Reynaud. When they return Devon Taltherd and Nyx board the station to visit the bar. Devon is soon confronted by Hansmeed and the Seers. Devon refuses to rat out on Nyx's location and is stabbed and left to die.

Alternate UniversesEdit

In Episode Twenty-One's Alternate Universe, the Raza crew finds Regulus-12 station was severely damaged and attacked.





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