Procyon Insurrection
Information Faction
Seasons Season 1
First Seen Episode Six
Last Seen Episode Ten

The Procyon Insurrection is a faction seen in Season 1 of Dark Matter.


The Procyon Insurrection also simply known as The Insurrection, is a rebel faction that is against the Galactic Authority. They believe the GA are corrupt and that they need the people to see that the GA are not invincible. The group is lead by a man known as "The General".

In Episode Six, it was revealed the faction had been responsible for bombing that destroyed a space station in the Hyadum Sector killing at least ten thousand people. The Faction's members escaped by stealing a Galactic Authority Destroyer.

It was also revealed that Griffin Jones had been a former member of Procyon Insurrection as well.




Season 1Edit


  • Procyon is the name of a binary star system visible from earth, Προκύων  meaning "before the dog" referring to the star Sirius as seen from earth.[1]



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