Keeley featured
Portrayed by
Amanda Brugel
Mining Colony
Season 1
First Appearance
Episode One
Last Appearance
Episode Two

Keeley is a character that appears in Season 1 of Dark Matter. She is portrayed by actress Amanda Brugel.


Keeley is a member of the Mining Colony, alongside Nassan and Mireille.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Keeley has dark hair.

Dark MatterEdit

In Episode One, Keeley and Nassan told One, Three, Four, and Six that Ferrous Corp wanted their planet. They also warned their visitors that the "Raza" were contracted by the Ferrous Corp to subjugate the colony, and suggested that the crew should leave before the Raza arrived. This was because Keeley had been led to believe that the Raza were a race of very dangerous half man, half reptile, aliens, when in fact it was a starship.

In Episode Two, Keeley invited the crew for song and drink after they gave them the weapons shipment. When the Ferrous Corp Shuttle arrived on their planet, she was part of the force defending the colony against Captain Salehi and his men. With the threat of further attacks she took charge of the patrols.


Media Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • In the graphic novels, the character of Keeley (spelt Keely) is male.


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