Janah-12 Space featured
Information Space Station
Seasons Season 2
First Seen Episode Seventeen
Last Seen Episode Seventeen

Janah-12 is a station seen in Season 2 of Dark Matter.


Janah-12 is a space station that houses various markets including: Transfer Transit, Del Farra Designs, GREGG & CO and Landry Lifestyles.

In Episode Seventeen, the Raza crew visit Janah-12 for various essentials.

The Android visits the Station to observe human behavior, while Five buys things. The Android ends up getting a toothbrush for Five as a gift. She meets Victor and learns of a group of Androids in hiding. Pretending to be humans. He gives The Android an upgrade to make her more human, then takes her shopping. He buys her a dress.

For other Station activities, Two uses the station's Transfer Transit shop to learn about the Crystal Tower. Three meets his old group their as well. Devon buys medical supplies to operate on Six, as well as to get Shadow for his addiction.


  • In a scene that was cut for time, Five would have found the toothbrush The Android bought at the station, gift wrapped and sitting on her pillow.



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