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Please ensure you read this guide before uploading images.


  • Ensure all images uploaded are high quality.
  • If you cannot locate a high quality version please post a request on the forum.
  • Do not upload images with watermarks or logos. (Images with official Syfy watermarks can be uploaded)
  • Do not upload stretched, resized or blurry images.



  • 260 x 347


  • Maximum of 2000px longest side (HQ preferred, no watermarks unless Syfy)

Episode Stills / Promotional Images

  • 2000px longest side (HQ, no watermarks unless Syfy)


  • 643x360

Titles & Information

  • Please ensure you name images appropriately.
  • If you are unsure what to name an image please ask an Admin.
  • Please ensure you add images to the appropriate page.
  • If you are unsure where to display an image please ask an Admin.



  • Featured images are displayed in the infobox on a page.
  • Please do not upload additional featured images. If you would like to replace a current featured image contact an Admin.

Character Page





  • Cast images are displayed on the cast page. I.e. Melissa O'Neil images are added to the Melissa O'Neil page.



Character - Individual

  • Character promotional images are displayed on the character page.
  • I.e. The Android promotional images are added to The Android page.

Character - Group

  • Group promotional images are displayed on the Season Page.
  • I.e. Season One promotional images are added to the Season One page.

Episode Stills

  • Episode stills are displayed on the Episode Page.
  • I.e. Episode One episode stills are added to the Episode One page.
Special Gallery Images




Main Page

  • If you would like an image added to the main page please contact an Admin via their talk page or the Forum.
  • Please specify what image you would like added, where and why.
  • If approved, an Admin will create the image using the appropriate format and add it to the main page.

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