DrHajek featured
Portrayed by
Jean Yoon
Scientist (Principality of Zairon)
Season 3
First Appearance
Episode Twenty-Eight
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Eight

Dr. Hajek is a guest character that appears in Season 3 of Dark Matter. She is portrayed by Jean Yoon.


Dr. Hajek was a scientist who was exceptionally loyal to Emperor Ryo Tetsuda and the Principality of Zairon. When Two and Three arrived to take back the Blink Drive, Dr. Hajek was determined to keep it out of their hands. When her co-worker, Dr. Borsa, appeared to consider giving the drive to the Raza crew and defy Ryo's orders, she killed him and took the drive with her.

However, with the station slowly being eaten away by null space, Dr. Hajek wasn't able to escape. After being corner at the edge of the station by the Raza crew, she threatened to destroy the drive. The crew instead shoot her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dr. Hajek had short black hair. Her science uniform is white with a red band across the chest and a golden insignia of the Principality of Zairon on the sleeve.


Gallery Edit


  • Dr. Hajek's actress Jean Yoon and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee who portrays her co-worker Dr. Borsa, both star together on the show Kim's Convenience.


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