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The Galactic Authority are the police seen in Season 1 and 2 of Dark Matter.


The Galactic Authority, also known simply as the GA, is the group in charge of policing colonized space.

Ships they use include their Cruiser Class and their Destroyer Class.

Episode One revealed the Raza crew are on the GA's most wanted list due to their various past criminal activities.

In Episode Four, GNN reported that the GA were offering humanitarian aid to the refuges who were fleeing C-Sector, from the stand off between the Republic of Pyr and the Principality of Zairon. However, the GA declined direct military involvement in the dispute since it was between two independent territories.

Episode Six revealed the Procyon Insurrection, which is a terrorist group that is completely against the GA. The terrorists bombed Hyadum-12, which killed ten thousand innocent people, and escaped by stealing one of the GA's Destroyer ships. After this the GA swore the terrorists would be brought to justice.

In Episode Thirteen, The GA boarded the Raza and took over the ship, taking the crew with them. Six is walked out with the same man who let him go in Episode 8, Lieutenant Anders. He was a rebel soldier before, but now he is an officer in the GA.







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