Episode Five
Season 1, Episode 5
105 featured
Air Date
July 10, 2015
Paul Mullie
Lee Rose
Main Cast
Marc Bendavid as Jace Corso

Marc Bendavid as Derrick Moss
Melissa O'Neil as Portia Lin
Anthony Lemke as Marcus Boone
Alex Mallari Jr as Ryo Tetsudo
Jodelle Ferland as Das
Roger Cross as Griffin Jones
Zoie Palmer as The Android

Episode Four
Episode Six

Episode Five is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Dark Matter, as well as the fifth episode of the series.

It aired July 10, 2015.


The crew are hired by their handler to salvage a seemingly deserted space freighter, a reclaim op that appears to be straightforward until a deadly cargo is uncovered and they are forced to fight for their lives.


The crew meet their handler, Tabor Calchek, who assigns them to salvage a space freighter with dangerous cargo which puts their lives at risk.

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