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To create a page click Contribute > Add a page or visit Special:CreatePage.


The title should be the crew members full name. For example:

  • Joseph Mallozzi
  • Vanessa Piazza


Once you have entered the title switch to Source mode and paste a copy of the template. You can find the template at the end of this article.

Info Box

  • Image: The title of the featured image followed by the extension (.jpg or .png).
  • Birthday: Date of birth.
  • Birth Place: Location of birth.
  • Position: Crew position; Director, Writer, Creator.


The season and episode/s they contributed on.


Any trivia relating to the crew member.


Crew pages should make use of the following categories:


  • Crew


  • Creators
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Writers


{{Crew Info
|Image = 
|birthday = 
|birth place = 
|position = 
}}'''--''' is a -- known for --.

'''--''' is a -- for [[Season 1]] of [[Dark Matter (TV Series)|Dark Matter]]. 

===[[Season 1]]===

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