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Raza-Dwarf Star Conflict
Creation of Rebecca
112stills 004




Dwarf Star Technologies Facility


Lin's victory

  • Portia escapes
  • All DST employees present at the facility murdered

Dwarf Star Dwarf Star Technologies

Lin Portia Lin


Dwarf Star Alexander Rook
Dwarf Star Other High-Ranking Officials †

Lin Portia Lin


Dwarf Star DST Apprehension

  • Unknown number of armed individuals
  • Other weapons

1 Very Advanced Synthetic Individual


Total (except DST President)



The Creation of Rebecca was an armed conflict between Dwarf Star Technologies, a major corporation, and Portia Lin, then known as Rebecca, following the latter's creation.

History Edit

CEO and President of Dwarf Star Technologies Alexander Rook creates an illegal synthetic called Rebecca. Following her creation, she kills many people violently as she escapes, making the scientists believe she has a neural flaw that they need to fix.

Following her escape, Rebecca changes her identity to Portia Lin.

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