Arien featured
Portrayed by
Kyle Mac
Nieman (owner)
Ferrous Corp Android
Season 2
First Appearance
Episode Twenty-Six
Last Appearance
Episode Twenty-Six

Arien is a character that appears in Season 2 of Dark Matter. He is portrayed by Kyle Mac.


Arien (or Arrian), was a modified android with emotions, who was owned by Commander Nieman. When Ferrous Corp wanted the Council of Corporations destroyed on EOS-7, Nieman had Arien equipped with a bomb.

During his time onboard the station, Arien met Five, who at the time was posing as Delaney Truffault's assistant. Arien appeared interested in Five and attempted to flirt with her, however Five kept leaving as she was trying to find the bomb on the station.

Later, Arien managed to save Five from a couple of Zairon royal guards and was cut in the fight, exposing him as an android to Five. Arien was touched by her kind response that she wouldn't rat on him despite being that she was on the Mikkei Combine's delegation, which rivaled Ferrous.

Eventually, Five realized Arien was the bomb and she appealed to his emotions in hopes of disarm the bomb however, Arien revealed that they could not. Instead, in order to save the station and its people, Arien spaced himself out an airlock where he blew up at a safe enough distance, but the shock wave was still enough to put the station into lockdown.


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