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Androids are humanoid robots, created to serve real humans. They have a variety of different models to serve different purposes. Androids are distinguished by their barcode tag on their neck as well as typical android-like behavior.


Profile Designation Android Model Proprietor Notes Appearances / Status
Android featured S02 The Android Level 3 Utility Model - Discontinued Variety Raza Crew
  • Created before emotional emulators became standard.
  • Has since received emotion upgrade.
All Seasons
Arien featured Arien Unknown Commander Nieman
  • Illegally contained a bomb and emotions.
Episode Twenty-Six
Miranda icon android Miranda Unknown No owner. Is part of the Free Beings.
  • Has emotions and self-preservation purpose.
Episode Seventeen
Victor featured Victor Unknown No owner. He's a Free Being and part of the Ophiuchus Crew.
  • Has emotions and self-preservation purpose.
Episode Seventeen
Wendy icon Wendy Entertainment Model Cyrus King
  • Possesses a variety of skills including cooking and intimacy.
Episode Seven


Entertainment Model InfoEdit

Android BarcodesEdit

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